Summer Business School

Business School is an educational institution for experienced entrepreneurs and those who are preparing in the future to conduct their activities in this field. Such schools often work on the basis of specialized universities or large universities with a wide range of specializations. The first business school appeared in the USA in the 19th century. Darthmouth College was the first institution in which to get a business education. The first European country where business education became available in 1967 was the United Kingdom.

Conditions for admission to the summer business school

The summer business school accepts both students and university graduates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Experience in this case will be only an advantage, since the program has a clear practical orientation and narrow specialization. In order to start training in addition to the diploma, you must also provide a certificate of proficiency in the language in which the training will be held. Of course, conditions may vary depending on the school itself and the country of study. However, if we are talking about studying in English, then those who wish to attend the summer program must provide a TOEFL or IELTS certificate. In some cases, it is proposed to undergo testing from the business school itself.

Summer Business School Program

The summer course is a great way for a student to complement their knowledge after receiving a degree. The duration of most courses ranges from one week to six weeks. And class size is usually smaller than similar courses conducted during the school year. Many summer courses are offered online. Available topics include finance, leadership, brand management, accounting, auditing, international business, law and ethics, and more. The curriculum is usually shortened and calculated for a period of up to eight weeks, which allows students to learn at a fast pace. For example, in Barcelona, ​​EU Business Summer School offers students two types of courses: Digitalization of Business and Management in Changing World with relevant disciplines. As part of these courses, students will receive up-to-date information on the development of the industry, will be able to visit the offices of famous international companies, as well as take part in seminars and lectures from leaders of various organizations.

In addition to teaching students, there is also a cultural program. It can be sports events, as well as various trips, excursions and parties. In the Spanish EU Business Summer School, students are offered 2 events during the week and one full day excursion.


  • study in the summer business school
  • current program
  • training in an international environment
  • getting to know innovations
  • the opportunity to visit the offices of international companies
  • lectures and seminars from industry leaders
  • practical orientation
  • narrow specialization
  • cultural experience
  • acquaintance with colleagues and like-minded people from different countries